Review by The Doorway To…

Scard -Rusted Lock- Digital/ Tape  (Scry Recordings)

Out of  Portland OR comes a one man event J.Huston goes by Scard and this is full on cluster fuck of   Martial Industrial, Death Industrial, Black Noise and some of the most terrorfying fucking sounds and tones to come out of these speakers in while. AMEN Scard. The more disturbing and twisted the better for this style of release. The pain, suffering and mental anguish coming from this reminds me a lot of what artist like  Nordvargr, Trepaneringsritualen, Brighter Death Now and Sutcliffe Jügend.  There are so many just out right twisted and nervous making tones and movements going on here. The torment of the demonic afterlife will clearly feel and sound like this .  From even the most minimal moments of this release. You can feel the fear and fractured mental state of Scard. This is hateful and dark in very much a ritualistic and release as it is what the voices are clearing speaking too. There are times where you just get chills from releases and this is one of those time. I know I’m going to get told I’m nuts but there are some very NIN and Marilyn Manson moments going on though out this as well especially musically and that takes this to the next level for me as well. Scard I was not ready for you today but I’m damn glad this came my way.

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