Rat Priest

Rat Priest is a death-industrial march to the end, a calling for oblivion, and a reflection of man’s perverse nature.  Rat Priest, like the rat king, is a musical tangling of tails, conjuring bad omens and plague.  

The band began with a premeditated meeting in the summer of 2019 for these two long-time collaborators, one residing in Portland, Oregon and the other in Portland, Maine.  After a week spent in the forest and studio in Oregon, remote work continued throughout the plague and resulted in their first album, Culture Rot, released by Fog Palace in early 2021.

Fogg and Huston forged their musical bond by forming the black metal band Winter in the Blood back in 2008.  The band is still active to this date, albeit without Fogg.  Currently based out of Maine, Fogg is very active with illustration and various visual arts.  In addition to that he formed a partnership with our mutual friend and collaborator Garrett Price in the founding of the label and design front, Fog Palace back in 2011.

Huston, a multi-instrumentalist and lifelong resident of Cascadia, is currently located in Portland, Oregon.  Scry Recordings recently released the Rusted Lock album for his solo project, SCARD.  He is also a founding member of Winter in the Blood performing guitar, and vocals.  As an intermittent member of L’Acephale, he has performed live and recorded for the “Stahlhartes Gehäuse” album, and most recently the 2019 self-titled double LP, “L’Acéphale” from Eisenwald Records.