J. Huston has been creating and recording experimental sound as SCARD since 2001.  As a lifelong resident of Cascadia there has been a natural draw toward the wild and the analysis of existence within these surroundings.  His exploration of these relationships comes without any limitations on method or instrumentation.  The process heavily relies upon various vocal stylings, stringed instruments, vintage tube amps, field recordings, acoustic drums, drum programming, and a glorious collection of distortions and reverbs.  Obsessive studio experimentation, the will to power, and venomous thought has manifested the Rusted Lock album, his first in over 8 years.

In addition to SCARD he is a founding member of Winter in the Blood, performing guitar and vocals.  Their most recent cassette, Forest Fires, was released by Fog Palace in 2016.

He has also been an intermittent member of L’Acephale since 2005, most recently contributing guitars on the 2019 self-titled release by Eisenwald Records.